HYPNOSIS by Damon Reinbold
since 1972 ... call if you want the very best!
Damon Hypnosis (505) 470-2373

Damon is the best hypnotist in the world. Yes, "in the world."
(505) 470-2373

Damon Hypnosis is available 
on phone or CD. 

FREE phone consultation with renowned hypnotist
Damon Reinbold to discuss your goals!

Phone 505 470-2373      
P.O. Box 29663
Santa Fe, NM 87592-9663

Email: damonreinbold@aol.com
Link to these vintage Youtube videos featuring Damon    


Damon explains hypnosis

Damon tells YOU why YOU can be hypnotized  

Damon has fun hypnotizing on Minneapolis TV

Damon & Sally Jessy Raphael at Disneyland

Damon and Grace on ABC 20/20 News  

Damon has appeared on hundreds of network, regional and local television and radio shows.  Follow the above links to a few of his most memorable.
















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